"Small Son Origins"
Release date: August 8, 2013
A Father/Son Story
Average-Sized Mother Origins

Small Son Origins is the 13th video by Seinfeldspitstain, and the 2nd video of the A Father/Son Story series. It takes place a day before A Father/Son Story.



The video starts after the mysterious death of Average-Sized Mother. Large Father tells Small Son that he can no longer home school him and he must attend a public high school now. Small Son is disappointed, but he reluctantly rides the bus to Egg County High School.

Small Son is introduced to the class. However, a kid named Kelvin ridicules him by calling him names and sitting on him. The class laughs, but the teacher sends them both to the principal's office. On the way to the princial's office, Small Son asks Kelvin why he is so mean to him. Kelvin reveals that he doesn't care what he does because his parents are dead. Small Son thinks that's a horrible thing to say. But after, Kelvin is stabbed in the head by a screwdriver. Small Son realizes that he can't let anybody see Kelvin, so he hides the dead body in the library.

After school, Small Son rushes home. He runs past his father and hides in his room. He realizes that after the Kelvin incident, he must kill himself. But he realizes that he has to take his father down with him.