Seinfeldspitstain, otherwise known by his mortal name of Brian Smithee, is a legendary deity who creates animated internet videos. He is well known for creating the viral hit video Jimmy Neutron Happy Family Happy Hour. This deity is also famous for creating the official trailer for Super Smash Bros Universe.

His Youtube channel only includes projects of the highest quality. The characters in his projects may have a slight "distortion" when they talk, but these are simply there for exaggeration to add to the brilliance of the characters.


In An Open Appeal to Billi ProductionsEdit

Seinfeldspitstain appears in An Open Appeal to Billi Productions, issuing a formal apology to the studio that produced the critically acclaimed animated feature Sir Billi.

In CreationEdit

Seinfeldspitstain does not appear in another video until Creation. His appearance in this video is somewhat different, as he now has gray skin and wears clothes.


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  • He is 20-year-old named Bryan Koelbel who lives in Newport, New York.
  • All of his videos were made in March,13 2013.