"Large Father Origins"
Release date: August 10, 2013
Average-Sized Mother Origins
Jimmy Neutron Happy Family Happy Hour

Large Father Origins is the 15th video by Seinfeldspitstain, and the final video in the A Father/Son Story series.



Large Father wakes up from a horrible nightmare. Average-Sized Mother asks home what's wrong, but he just gets out of bed and looks forward to a new day with his family. He goes to spend time with his family, but he is interrupted by a call from his boss. His boss tells him that he has been fired. Large Father goes into a state of emotional depression, and runs away.

Eventually, Large Father finds a bar. He walks in and orders 5 vodkas. At the bar, he meets a boy named Kelvin. Large Father points out that he's too young to be in a bar. After they talk some more, Large Father reveals that he was in the army for a few years. Then Kelvin gets an idea. He tells Large Father that if he kills his dad, he'll give him $80,000. Large Father hesitates at first, but he takes the deal, stating that he'll do it for his family. Later that night, Large Father goes to Kelvin's house and shoots his dad. At the end, it is revealed that Large Father never took the money.