"Average-Sized Mother Origins"
Release date: August 9, 2013
Small Son Origins
Large Father Origins

Average-Sized Mother Origins is the 14th video by Seinfeldspitstain, and the 3rd video in the A Father/Son Story series. It takes place 2 months before A Father/Son Story.



The film begins with Average-Sized Mother saying good night to Small Son. Small Son asks her why Large Father is never home. His mother tells him that he is a very busy man. After saying goodnight to her son, she runs out of the house. She soon arrives at Kelvin's house. It is revealed that she has been in a relationship with Kelvin's Dad. However, she tells him that she wants to restart her relationship with Large Father. Kelvin's Dad understands, but before he could say goodbye, he gets shot. Average-Sized Mother is shocked, and she runs outside, only to find Large Father toting a shotgun. Large Father finds out that she was having an affair with another man, and Average-Sized Mother finds out that he was the one who assassinated Kelvin's Dad. Average-Sized Mother threatens to call the police, but Large Father tries to stop her. As Large Father tries to take her phone, she falls back on a stray screwdriver. Large Father is shocked by this, and states that he didn't mean to kill her, but he vows to keep Average-Sized Mother's death a secret.