"A Father/Son Story"
Father and son
Release date: August 8, 2013
The Jimmy Neutron Experience
Small Son Origins

A Father/Son Story is the 12th video by Seinfeldspitstain, and the first video of the A Father/Son Story series. The video is made in GoAnimate format.



The film starts with Small Son wanting to spend some time with Large Father. As a result, they watch television together. But as they watch TV, Small Son runs up to the television and sets it on fire. Large Father is enraged by this, considering Small Son did it for no reason and the television costed him several hundred dollars. As Large Father and Small Son bicker and argue, Small Son tells his father the only reason he did this was because he wanted to die by his side. Large Father is touched by this, and apologizes to his son for not being by his side. The father and son hug each other as they are engulfed by flames.